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Clear GemEdit

To Access: After you hit the last checkpoint in Level 16, Hangin’ Out, turn around and wade through the water. Drop down the hole and carefully cross the grate to the second room and drop down to be teleported. If you are having trouble surviving, hit the circle button just as the light-like things are about to hit Crash. Crash pulls up his legs, allowing them to pass under.

Reward: Level 27, Totally Fly

As with Level 26, you only have to worry about getting all of the boxes. This level is all about running fast. Once you get a lightning fly, run as fast as you can, while getting boxes and avoiding obstacles. You wouldn’t want to feel your way around in the dark to find out too late that you actually were standing right in front of a gap. At least the UFO things give off some light, but not much. After you reach the second checkpoint, take the Bonus.

The Bonus mostly relies on speed. Don’t take too long of a time getting all the boxes. At the end, you should have 16 boxes.

After you finish the Bonus and pass the first lightning fly, jump along the side to avoid grabbing the second fly. This way, you’re free to go along and slam a total of six steel crates. If you grab a Wumpa Fruit without breaking a crate, turn around and search the ground for any that you missed. Get to the end of the level and grab the Clear Gem if you broke all the boxes.