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Crystal, Bonus and Clear GemEdit

The path is pretty straightforward at first. To defeat the vultures, wait until they swoop down and jump on their backs. After awhile, you’ll reach the first checkpoint.

Be sure to break the springy box after you’ve broken the striped box. Kill the vulture and walk forward to come across a new enemy. Do not jump on it’s back, instead, slide or spin it. Take the left path first. This path is also straightforward and eventually you’ll reach another checkpoint. Jump over the gap to reach it.

Keep moving forward and be sure to hit the ! Box. You’ll find the Crystal further ahead. Once you reach the end of that fork, go through it backwards until you reach the first fork. Take the right path this time. Get all of the boxes and follow the path to the checkpoint.

The two extra life boxes will appear only if you hit the ! Box on the left path. Continue to the end of the path. Kill the turtle, jump over the gap, and break the checkpoint.

Fall down into the big pit and kill all the enemies that spring up. Use the mushroom to get out of it. Walk forward some more to reach the Bonus.

Break the striped box and then body slam the metal box. Clear the TNT Boxes and slide under the iron crates to break the boxes. As for the striped boxes, jump on each one exactly nine times. DO NOT BREAK THEM. If you do, purposely die and start the bonus over. Break the steel and wooden crates and continue forward to find a ! Box. Backtrack and hit the extra life crate. Use the striped boxes to jump back up to the higher platform. They will break as soon as you jump on them. Crawl under the iron boxes and grab the two extra life boxes. To clear the gap without the striped boxes, start with your back touching the iron boxes. Run forward and perform a sliding jump across the wide gap. Head to the end of the bonus.

Follow the rest of the path (through two large pits) and to the end of the level. If you broke all the boxes, collect the gem and leave to the Warp Room.

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