Spaced Out
Spaced out
World Number: 5
Gem(s): Clear Gem Icon Clear Gem Icon
Boxes: 60

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Spaced Out is the twenty-fifth level in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The level is located in Warp Room 5. It is the final non-hidden level in the game and thus the final level in the game to contain a Crystal.


Spaced Out is a level located in Cortex's space station. Crash has to navigate the space station avoiding enemies and death traps throughout the level. Some of the level is 3D platforming, but most of it is pretty much sidescrolling. At some parts, Crash travels through some tunnels. In addition, the player has to avoid pistons or Crash will be a rodent pancake. However, some pistons go up and can be used as platforms. The Player must also avoid shrink rays as they pose a threat as well. They are activated when you step on a tile with an arrow on it, the direction of the arrow determines the direction of the shrink ray's fire. If the ball of energy hits you and you have no protection, Crash will slowly begin to shrink on the screen until he is nothing. You can still move and attack and do everything you normally can while you are shrinking, but once you're hit it's a certain doom for Crash. This level also introduces moving platforms with burning sides. Touching the platform on the sides will fry crash to a crisp. This level is considered much more challenging than the other space station level (Piston It Away). There is a Bonus Round in the level. In addition, Spaced Out contains a Multicolor Gem Path, a secret route that requires the player to have all five colored Gems to complete. Each gem's path seems to have a specific theme - the Blue Gem's path focuses on platforming involving pistons and floating Electric Robots, the Green Gem's path on shrinkage rays, the Yellow Gem's path on the glowing hot discs, the Red Gem's path on a combination of shrinkage rays and Barracading Lab Assistants, and the Purple Gem's path on a straight-forward walk to the hidden Clear Gem, and the exit. Spaced Out contains the following enemies that a player will face:


Like in every level, the regular Clear Gem is present. To obtain this gem, a player must collect every box in the level. There is another Clear Gem in the level, and the player is required to go through the Multicolor Gem Path. To unlock the Multicolor Gem Path, one must obtain all of  the colored gems from the following levels: Blue Gem from Turtle Woods, Red Gem from Snow Go, Green Gem from The Eel Deal, Yellow Gem from Plant Food and Purple Gem from Bee-Having. At the end of the path is the other Clear Gem.