Snow Go
Snow Go
World Number: 1
Gem(s): Clear Gem Icon Red Gem Icon
Boxes: 74
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Snow Go is the second level in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The level is located in Warp Room 1.


Snow Go is an icy/snow level, the first one in the entire series. It contains slippery ice that can potentially make the player fall off cliffs or knock into Nitro Crates or enemies. Almost the entire level is covered in white snow. There is a Bonus Round, and a secret entrance to a hidden part in the level. Snow Go contains the following enemies that a player will face:


Like in every level, the regular Clear Gem is present. To obtain this gem, a player must collect every box in the level. Also in Snow Go is the Red Gem. Obtaining the Red Gem is fairly challenging; you have to go to Level 7: Air Crash and jump onto a secret platform on the level. The platform will warp the player to Snow Go, and the path to the Red Gem will be there for the player to access.