Road to Ruin
Road to Ruin
World Number: 3
Gem(s): Clear Gem Icon Clear Gem Icon
Boxes: 89
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Road to Ruin is the fourteenth level in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The level is located in Warp Room 3.


Road to Ruin is a temple/ruins style level, with many obstacles standing in Crash's way. Many of the walkways fall to the ground, due to them being weak and brittle. The level features a lot of platforming, due to the player having to jump and attack frequently. There are tiki objects that shoot fire; touching the fire will hurt Crash. Some platforms also move around, making the level challenging for some. There is a Bonus Round in the level. In addition, Road to Ruin contains a Skull Gem Path. Road to Ruin contains the following enemies that a player will face:


Like in every level, the regular Clear Gem is present. To obtain this gem, a player must collect every box in the level. However, one must get to a bonus part of the level, located in the hidden Warp Room 6. The portal to the secret area is located towards the end of Diggin' It. Also, there is another Clear Gem in the level, but to obtain it you must go through the Skull Gem Path. To get to the path you must not die.


  • The level's name might be a reference to the 1978 Ramones album of the same name.
  • N. Cortex'es old lair can be seen in the background.