Gender: Female
Species: Bandicoot
Location: Somewhere off the south coast of Australia
First Appearance: CTR: Crash Team Racing (only appearance)

Liz is a Bandicoot who was responsible for handing out trophies to Polar and Pura in CTR: Crash Team Racing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Liz is a tall Bandicoot (like the other trophy-givers), who has brownish-purple hair, and green and purple attire. In addition, Liz holds an umbrella that is green and purple.

Crash Team Racing EpilogueEdit

In the epilogue of CTR: Crash Team Racing, After the tournament, Liz posed for Bandiboy Magazine, buying her dream Malibu mansion with the earnings.'


  • Some players consider Liz to be more raunchy than Tawna, due to the small skirt and top.
  • Liz, Ami, Isabella and Megumi bear a physical resemblance to Crash Bandicoot's former girlfriend, Tawna, who got cut from the series for her raunchy physical appearance.

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