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This walkthrough is provided by toby_lover, who has done an excellent job providing an excellent 'in depth' walkthrough of the game. Thank you, toby_lover!



Crystal, Bonus and Clear (box) GemEdit

Walk out of the room. Be sure to jump whenever the moving platform is above the water. Head up the platforms to the left and hop across the water, avoiding the biting fish. Jump across another moving platform and defeat the bandicoot-eating plant to reach a checkpoint.

Walk forward some more to reach a jetski. Hop on a clear the relatively easy path. Break all the boxes, avoid the mines, and avoid the whirlpools. Park in the middle of the dock and break the next checkpoint. Kill both plants and hop on the ? platform to ride to the Bonus.

Break the striped boxes and be sure to spin the lowest boxes in the stack of four. Doing so will activate the TNT Box, so get away from it and jump over to the next platform. Crawl under the iron boxes and continue along the path to the end. There are a total of eleven boxes in this bonus round.

Jump up the next set of platforms. If you received the Blue Gem from Turtle Woods, ride the platform to a secret area of the level. If not, skip this paragraph as well as the next one. Break the two sets of striped boxes. Time your jump to get on the moving platform and quickly jump across the hippo. Jump up the platforms, kill the plant, and break the boxes. Carefully jump across the boxes on the water. Use Crash’s shadow to tell where he is going to land. Jump over the Nitro Boxes and hit the checkpoint.

Jump across the next row of Nitro Boxes and get on the jetski. Use the ramps to reach boxes above the water. Dodge the mines and hit the ! Box ahead. Backtrack and hit all of the boxes that appear. Head back towards the ! Box, dodge the Nitro Boxes, and park the jetski. Hit the Green ! Box and ride the Blue Gem platform up to the main part of the level.

Follow the path forward, jumping over the water, and grab the Crystal. Quickly cross the next two hippos and hit the checkpoint.

Get on the jetski and carefully avoid the mines, using the ramps to get boxes and jump over a fence. Once you get off the jetski, follow the path, kill the plant, and exit the level. Grab the gem if you broke all the boxes (you must have taken the Blue Gem platform to get the rest) and exit the level.

Clear (timed) GemEdit

Head through the level until you reach the first checkpoint. Get to the end in under the time given to get this hard-to-earn gem. If you don’t already know, pressing the X button while on the jetski speeds it up.