Diggin' It
Diggin' It
World Number: 4
Gem(s): Clear Gem Icon Clear Gem Icon
Boxes: 93
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Diggin' It is the seventeenth level in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The level is located in Warp Room 4.


Diggin' It is a snowy jungle style level, with trees and old style temples surrounding. Usually Considered the most challenging part in the level, A bee comes out of one of their hives (situated all around the level) and attempts to sting Crash. Unlike the swarm of bees in Bee-Having, these bees can be killed becuase they only move in swarms of one. In some areas of the level, there is some red-ish coloured dirt, that can be dug up by pressing the SQUARE button. Crash is not entirely immune to getting attacked though, becuase human assistants can hit the player with a hammer. There is a Bonus Round in the level, as well as a Skull Gem Path. Diggin' It also contains a hidden portal to the Sixth Warp Room, where the portal for a section of Road to Ruin will be unlocked. Diggin' It contains the following enemies that a player will face:


Like in every level, the regular Clear Gem is present. To obtain this gem, a player must collect every box in the level. Also, there is another Clear Gem in the level, but to obtain it you must go through the Skull Gem Path. To get to the path you must not die.