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Crystal, Bonus and Clear GemEdit

When you enter the level, you’ll first notice that the door is not behind you, but in front of you. Head down instead of up to find a small tunnel. Once you take a few steps away from the tunnel, a giant boulder will come rolling after you! Avoid the gaps and the mines and you shouldn’t have a problem. You’ll eventually come to another tunnel. The boulder will close off one opening, so break the boxes and the checkpoint and begin the next chase.

When you find some Wumpa Fruit while running, follow the path that the fruit creates to avoid getting zapped by electric fences. You’ll come to another tunnel. Break the boxes and the checkpoint and start the chase. Instead of a whole path of fruit, you only are warned by a group of two fruits. Stick to whatever side the fruits appear to avoid the fences. Eventually, you’ll end up crossing a long, wooden bridge. The boulder will fall down the gap, leaving you a chance to catch your breath. Grab the Crystal and ride up to the Bonus.

Jump onto the iron crate path. To get the crate in the middle of the stack of three, high jump over the stack and spin the crate. As for the crate in the middle of the TNT Boxes, jump and wait until Crash is almost on the ground to spin. If done right, you’ll earn the extra life. If not, you’ll spin the TNT, causing it to explode. Each striped box breaks after 5 jumps. Count out the jumps and be ready to jump onto the next box. Head to the platform to leave the bonus. There are a total of 17 boxes for this bonus.

Follow the rest of the path to the next tunnel. The green arrows on the ground make Crash go faster, so use them wisely while running from the boulders. Hit the checkpoint.

Grab the three boxes and let the chase begin. When you reach the three electric fences, you must be quick enough to run to the side and break the boxes behind the fences. The boulder will not break them for you. Hurry into the exit part of the level and grab the gem if it is there. Leave the level and go to the Warp Room.